Slow Down, Get Outside and Let Kids Be Your Teachers

Just at the moment when I think I need to create order and structure so I can teach my kids, I am reminded to slow down, listen, and let them teach me. 

They have questions. They are curious. They are constantly looking for more ways to make sense of the world.

Sure, they have moments of boredom. They have moments where they are unmotivated or uninterested. They are, after all, little people. To shift the atmosphere, all I have to do is create space. Usually, this means getting outside. 

There is a world of possibility. New games, new experiments, new learning. Using their imaginations to create worlds within the one around them.

I took Hosanna (3 1/2) and Theo (2) to a park near our house. It had some slides and climbing structures. It had some grass and some flowers, as well as plenty of active space for older kids and adults (soccer fields, tennis courts, a skate park, etc.). Theo went straight for a retention wall of cinder blocks and made it his own personal balance beam. Hosanna found a pit of rocks and grabbed two to pretend they were the sun and moon. 

Sometimes letting my kids lead brings me perspective and teaches me things. Sometimes it just helps me be an in-tune parent. It always is a benefit and a joy, however fleeting, to see their curiosity be their guide. 

Slow down. Get outside. Let kids be your teachers.