Being and Becoming (Part 2 of 2): The Paradox of ESSENCE and CHOICE

Every human life is a beautiful paradox: We are and have a unique essence,

yet we also craft ourselves every day with our choices. 

ESSENCE: "The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something." Like our footprint, set for life, there is an element of changelessness to who we are. Being our authentic selves isn't about changing, being more, better, or different, but being. We express ourselves and we learn about ourselves simply by being ourselves. "I am that I am." It is easy to think of ourselves in terms of our activities; I am a runner and a writer and a speaker and a father and a friend. These are true statements, yet they do not tell you who I am. They mention mediums on which I paint my personality and my energy but they do not describe the work in its substance. I am bubbly, magnetic and powerful. We all have a unique essence, and we come into this world immeasurably defined, imprinted with who we are and who we will be already. My journey unfolds from the seed of who I am because I am. 

CHOICE: We condition ourselves and our cells every day by what we choose. The substance of my thought and imagination plays out in my actions and my attraction. I choose to love myself, to give and receive love. I choose to embrace my life as it is. I choose to run, and my body develops and conditions in response to that choice. So often I hear people resign themselves to their current circumstances because of this is "who they are." No, it is the way they are choosing to view themselves and frame their circumstances. Every single day we have the choice of how to live our life. We are free. We get to play, paint and create. We are so free, in fact, that we can choose to live in denial of what really matters to us, but who wants to do that? We create neural pathways and life pathways by our choices, so choose today. 

Every human life is the paradox of essence and choice. Enjoy being and becoming today!