I can remember trying several different outlets looking for something to “take off.” I started a discussion group around interfaith conversation. There was a time where I would sit in front of the computer for hours producing electronic music tracks. I briefly started a project where I interviewed business leaders about their purpose and passions and how they made a career out of integrating those parts of themselves. For several of these projects, I'm looking forward to bringing them back  into more consistent expression. These are all great projects that reflect some essence of who I am. The question is, how do they connect with what I am committed to, and will I commit to the process? Will I show up and walk every day on these things? As of now, I’m not actively playing music. The interfaith or spiritual conversations I have are decidedly informal, and I haven’t yet restarted my project on purpose and passions, but I’m writing. I’m writing a lot. I'm writing daily. Writing and speaking are two key mediums that are an extension of my craft: INSPIRING others to BE their unleashed, authentic selves; LIVE their purpose and LOVE their community. I can't do everything, certainly not all at once. I'm focusing on narrowing and refining my craft to maximize my purpose and impact. I'm learning that to go BIG, I may have to GO SMALL.