Reset: You Can Start Your Day Over

I love the beginning of the day. There is a freshness, a sense of starting over. Some nights, I collapse into bed exhausted, yet wake up feeling enlivened and refreshed. Then the unthinkable happens, I am thrown off my groove and find myself in a funk for the rest of the day. There are some days where we think to ourselves, I just want today to be over. While I understand this feeling from having days such as this, I have also learned you can start the day over... right now. 

I begin with the acknowledgement of what I am feeling and thinking. I feel ________ because _________. I take ownership of my thoughts, how I am viewing my life and the actions of those around me. This doesn't always send my day into an immediate upward spiral, though I am at least being honest with myself. Then I choose a ritual to put me in a different mental space. Maybe I run, catch a yoga class or just lie on the floor during a break in my schedule. I set my intention for how I am going to be and I go back out into my life. 

Some days there will be pain. Life might just be "life-ing" you today, but you don't have to let the challenges up to this moment define the rest of your day. Stop. Hit reset. Start your day over, now.