Affirmations: Be Good to You

For many of us, we easily find the good in others and seek to draw it out. However, when it comes to seeing and acknowledging what is beautiful about ourselves, we often give this no thought. 

At the last two workshops (spoiler alert!), I've done an exercise in affirmations where you begin by affirming your partner, then switch to affirm yourself. Everyone who has come has said the latter is the challenging exercise. Assuming you're not a narcissistic demagogue, you might be this way, too. My question for you is this: How are you being good to you? 

We believe for the best in others, can we believe for the best in ourselves? We can honor beauty, talent, and skill in others, how are we doing that for ourselves? We affirm and encourage others, how are we affirming and encouraging ourselves? 

This might sound silly, but I have found that affirmations and self-love have resulted in growth and freedom in how I relate to myself and others.

Implementing a practice of affirmations feels awkward at first. It feels like a stretch, like saying something you WANT to believe. It is as though we are preprogrammed to dismiss the kind words about ourselves we receive from others... So it is important we reprogram our mind to see the good. 

Jesus said the two greatest commands were loving God with all of your being and loving your neighbor as you love yourself. 

Practice some self-love today. Create a practice of affirmations. Be good to you.