Find the Gold Within

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.
— William Arthur Ward

Seeking to be our best is not always a self-directed exercise. In fact, when I take the energy I have and invest it wholeheartedly in others, I find I am being and becoming my best. We are wired with a connection to others. As we take our dreams, our own intentions, and our purpose and we lean in to understand, appreciate and help others, we move closer to our own dreams. For me personally, I have seen how proactively asking questions of others is part of me being the best me. When I live only in my imagination, I tend to sputter and become self-absorbed. When I proactively love and meet others with joyful curiosity, we both win. We both move forward with our purpose. We both grow and gain understanding. Personal growth is personal, it comes from investing in the persons in our lives for their sake. The amazing thing is, as we draw out the gold we find in others, we share ours as well.