Surrounded by Amazing People

There are moments when I am blown away by the incredible people my life is filled with. In these moments, I step back, stop going through the motions, stop looking at myself and think, WOW.  In these moments, I am forced to reckon this fact: What I may only recognize in moments is going on all the time. While I might slip into seeing some of my co-workers as their role, they are always far more. I am the one who is choosing only to be partly aware, and I think it has to do with self-preoccupation. After all, if I'm insecure about who I am, seeing the awesomeness in others will only prove to be frustrating. I'll feel inadequate, I'll compare myself to others. If I love and accept myself,  I can expand that love to fully embrace people in all of their humanness. I can come to learn and appreciate all (or at least much) of who someone is and honor them for sharing this portion of their life with me. Talents and abilities, cultivated skills and studies, the eccentric details and the deep purposes and passions others have, we can discover. We have the response-ability to see people authentically express themselves and share the gift of their presence and skill to the best of their ability. While I know I am in some incredible and unique environments, I can recall working in cultures that did not inspire people to be their full, amazing selves. Even if this is the case for you, there are STILL amazing people in your midst! The impetus simply lies with you to recognize this, affirm it, and start building the new culture of authenticity and appreciation.

You are surrounded by amazing people! You have the opportunity to recognize, affirm, and cultivate space for the sheer awesomeness of your family, friends, co-workers, and community.