Sthira Sukha

Sthira and Sukha

Marriage of Strong and Easy

Where can I find you?


I'm learning the dynamic duality of growth. It requires both sthira and sukha, strength and ease. Growth is uncomfortable. Only in challenging ourselves does our capacity expand. Yet we cannot simply muscle our way through our circumstances. We must be the marriage of strength and easy, active and passive. With powerful intention and dogged determination do we manifest our dreams and goals, and this leaning in opens us up to receive all the universe has to offer. I find it is easy to be one or the other. It's easy to be passive, to go with the flow. It's easy to be driven and determined. Being both? THERE is the sweet spot. That's where the power, the growth, the freedom, the trust and the triumph live. 

My prayer is this: God, I only ask to be completely open and completely committed. I stand with open hands, a full heart, total concentration, and utter joy. Thank you for teaching me to find both sthira and sukha in my practice and in my life. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Find both the power to be steady and the peace to sink a little deeper into grace.