Moving to Completion: One Step Short vs. Good Enough

I've had my bouts with perfectionism. I know what not finishing something because it's not "perfect" looks like. Even as I have learned to strive for excellence at higher and higher levels, I also know there are times where good enough is good enough. A chapter is finished, a song is written, a blog is posted... There may be  room for improvement and takeaways for the next task, and they are DONE.  What gets in the way is good enough is coming one step short. 

The example that hits close to home for me is finding the toilet paper roll empty and a new roll of TP sitting on the counter. It takes about 5 seconds to put it on the bar, yet the previous person left it for someone else to do. One step short isn't good enough because it isn't complete. 

When we are incomplete in areas of our lives, we create clutter and chaos to be managed. Our procrastination can begin to overwhelm us, as the cumulative effect of our incomplete actions creates endless loose ends to be tied. Doing our best to finish a project means we can move on to the next, be done thinking and working on the previous one, and devote our precious brain space to where we are instead of where we were

For people who have felt paralyzed by perfectionism, remember, sometimes good enough is good enough. Coming one step short will only add to the strain you already feel.