Running is Magic

My friend Dylan and I were talking yesterday when he said, "Running is magic". Dylan has diabetes. He has recently formed a love and a habit of running, which has not only put a pep in his step (literal and metaphorical) but also has brought him to a new place of health. It has been a catalyst for a series of other choices to take care of himself and give focus to his health. This isn't the place for me to tell Dylan's story, he can do that better anyway. It does reiterate to me how powerful the habit of running can be for others and for myself.


If I want to eat well, I run. Somehow it's like it turns on the indicators for what my body really needs and not only what my taste buds want. Crappy food loses the veneer of deliciousness and whole food sounds even better. When I want to sleep well, I run. I can't think of a form of exercise more exhilarating and more exhausting. If I want to gain muscle tone, gain confidence, lose weight, or manage stress, I can run. Want to know what's even more magical? When I am looking for a clear head and a full heart and some time to meditate, I can kick off my shoes and take off for a run.

It's one thing to write about running, and it is another thing to experience the joy and magic of running for yourself. My recommendation? Start running. We can talk more about it soon, but right now, I'm going for a run.  After all and as my friend said, Running is magic.