Quality T.I.M.E.

In our team meeting today, a colleague of mine brought up an important point on prioritizing our families: When it comes to family, we spell love T-I-M-E. When time is embraced with intention, I wholeheartedly agree. You see...

I've had work schedules that were less rigorous and rigid than the ones I keep now. With that flexibility, I was able to spend more quantitative time at home, but I wasn't all there. Even with an expanded capacity and increased workload, I find I am enjoying my family time MORE now. What changed? TIME changed to T.I.M.E: Total Investment Means Everything. 

When I am home with my kids, I want to be ALL THERE. Not bound to my cell phone, not in front of a screen, but making eye contact with little people that love and look up to me. Sure, me taking inventory of my time to see where and how I spend it matters and can be a revealing exercise, and whatever I am doing, I want to be ALL IN. There is wasting time, passing the time, filling time, then there is INVESTING TIME. 

For me, EVERYTHING in my life is an opportunity for an embrace; especially my family. Don't just watch the clock tick down, IMMERSE yourself in the moment you are in. BE PRESENT to the people that matter to you. Give from the depths of yourself.