Gaps in Integrity

One of the beautiful aspects of having affirmations as a morning ritual is the ability to be consistently present to what matters. The challenge is seeing the gaps. 

I see how I am a loving father, a sought-after author, speaker and coach, an inspirer of others, to name a few. I also see how I sabotage these ideals and goals, which gives me the opportunity to move back into alignment and authenticity. 

Sometimes this happens by saying yes too many times. I overcommit to noble or meaningful projects while displacing my own soul food and life work. Sometimes this happens through compartmentalization. I split myself into "modes" of being; this way at work, this way at home, this way by myself. Sometimes this occurs by retreating into analysis instead of being in action in the moment. However these gaps in integrity occur, when they are discovered it is important to take clear and immediate action. 

I let go of what hinders me being me. I feel the effects of my attitude and behavior. I create a new possibility and take the first step forward. 

Discovering gaps in my integrity are opportunities for growth and reintegration, and for that, I am grateful.