A Collective Healing Presence

I'm a Chiropractic Assistant, and I love it. 

I greet people, get to know them, set them up in traction, and witness daily stories (we call them "miracles") of health and transformation. Every day I'm moved, challenged and inspired. When I give pause to reflect on why my job is so awesome, there are many great answers. but I think the simplest way to put it is this: Dr. Collins invites each and all of us to be part of a collective healing presence in our community. 

Chiropractic is a compound of two greek words basically meaning "working on with hands." Other than hugs or setting people up in their traction, I'm not putting my hands on anyone, but I am constantly reminded I am part of a WE, that MY work matters to the whole. My intentional conversations, my giving of inspiration, traction, simply being who I am, somehow it all plays into being this collective force for good in our community. We have a mission to see Burien be the healthiest community on the planet (who wouldn't want that for their hometown?), and each and all of us work together for that mission in each day, each event.

I have been in many settings where I have seen leaders work to concentrate the spotlight on themselves instead of fueling a massive purpose of wellness and flourishing with shared participation. I suppose these truths are for everyone, but if I could speak primarily to chiropractors, I would offer the following three things to foster a collective healing presence:

  1.  Invite and elevate the passions and purposes of each of your CAs (or team members). I don't feel like I am working a job when I come to the office, it is an extension of my life work. I see my colleagues bringing the best of what they have to offer. My boss, Aaron Collins is, no doubt, an amazing human being, and I think his skilled leadership is evident most in his ability to invite each of us into a huge mission where we have freedom to live our own passions in sync with one another. 
  2. Center your practice on the BE-CAUSE. What is your mission, your purpose, your "WHY?" What is your reason for being? If you can have that clearly set in your mind and the minds of your team, everyone will take ownership because they are all stakeholders in the mission. If I didn't care about my hometown being a thriving city, I'm not just working in the wrong office, but the wrong field! Chiropractic is a tool to unlock and unleash the best life in everyone... Don't set your sights too small!
  3. See each of your team members as the deep and powerful people they are. Just like each patient's person, health and goals are carefully listened to by you, do the same for your team. The collective healing presence of our office exists (in part) because it is a healing presence for me. I am acknowledged and appreciated for who I am. When people are truly seen, they come out of hiding and start creating. 

Our office, like yours, is a collective healing presence. Taking the strengths of each of us, uniting us all to a big purpose where we see others for who they are and with their innate potential. 

Don't settle for the spotlight. Invite greatness and participation. We have a huge collective calling and a huge opportunity. Let's make it awesome!