Small, Beautiful Beginnings

I launched my Patreon page last night. Unlike launches I've seen elsewhere, there was no fanfare. No trumpets were playing, no crowds were forming. I was sitting in my basement at my computer and I clicked a button, then it was done... or more accurately, it was started. The next step of my journey and dream was taken, and it happened quietly and inconsequentially. As someone who loves to make a splash and make an impression, you might think I was disappointed by this, but I'm actually encouraged. Feedback is wonderful, it is lovely to see the impact of our actions on others and take that into account, and there are times where it is important we continue to move forward without waiting for a response. When I awoke this morning, I had one patron, one person I know who is 100% on board with my mission and purpose and who was so eager to support me it couldn't wait until morning. It was a small, beautiful beginning. After a late night came an early morning with the reminder to live on purpose. It can be easy to compare, it can be easy to be impatient, but the experimental, beginning stage is filled to the brim with joy, learning, and growth. 

Don't despise small beginnings, cherish them. Small beginnings are beautiful.