Great, Small Things

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
— Napoloeon Hill

Not everyone aspires to be a leader. Even leaders and aspiring leaders can miss an amazing opportunity to do incredible work right where you are. 

If it is my job in this moment to help someone do their best pushup, I can do that job with all my heart and soul. I can pour my energy and enthusiasm into coaching and inspire someone to develop a new skill. 

Rather than viewing "my job" as such, I can see it as an opportunity for craftsmanship, service, and personal excellence. 

We are often inclined to think we will do things greatly when we have "great" opportunities, but the truth is just the opposite: Greatness starts with doing small things with excellence. 

Don't get caught in the ego trap of thinking you are too good for where you are. Take this moment, this opportunity, this position and choose it with all of you. Choose to be your best. Choose to help others be their best. 

I think anyone can do great things. It starts by doing little things greatly.