Beautiful = BE YOU to FULL

We have this idea that beauty is in high heels. Beauty is meticulously crafted, constrained and constructed. All too often, our pursuit of beauty is less about self-expression and more about conformity. It's domesticated in our Instagram accounts, our picture-perfect lives, our slick and catchy tunes that say a great deal but never share much of our true selves.

My daughter loves sparkly princess dresses, and I'm concerned she'll cultivate the projected assumptions about beauty, that beauty is primarily about how something (or someone) looks, and that sparkly, chic, or insert-fashion-adjective here are synonyms for beauty. 

This whole paradigm of beauty is built on comparing; I want to be like so-and-so. The truth is, we are already beautiful, and beauty is lived from the inside-out. 

Real beauty is untamed, wild. Beauty is barefoot. Beauty is raw and real. When people open up to be vulnerable with others and take the risk to do their best work and share it... THAT IS BEAUTY. 

Beauty is when my wife cries telling me about her day, sharing what she hasn't told anyone else.

Beauty is in the zany, chaotic mess that is my children playing, each in their own way.

Beauty is out in nature, being in the wilderness and breathing clean air.

Beauty is a song that doesn't just have a catchy tune, but shifts paradigms.

Beauty is in the sweetly beautiful and fleeting moments we have every day.

The most beautiful moments of my day are when someone chooses to open up and be their full, authentic selves. No hiding, no comparing, no conforming, just being

You being your full self, telling your story, letting your light shine... THIS is beautiful. 

Be you to FULL. This is beautiful. 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment