Cloth Diapers and Parenting with Intention

I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect parent. As a parent who thinks they do a pretty decent job, one practice we've taken on struck me as a great metaphor for parenting: Cloth diapering.

As is the case with parenting, cloth diapering doesn't have any shortcuts. The upfront cost and upfront legwork. Rather than outsourcing the dirty jobs to someone else, we take 'em on. The literal and metaphorical shit gets handled by mom and dad rather than pushed away for another day. You can pat yourself on the back believing you are doing something good, but you don't have the glory of constant feedback for why you are awesome for cloth diapering or parenting for that matter. It also requires constant vigilance and dedication; there is always the option for disposables just like the option for TV dinners and TV babysitters, but we all know that things requiring less work can have other consequences. Dealing with challenges in the moment with our kids is crucial, just like you  can't let the dirty diapers stack up, which is the WORST. There are so many aspects of parenting and cloth diapering that are not fun and seem inconvenient, but I'm learning to embrace these elements that seem to come with the territory.

I'm not saying good parents do cloth diapering or bad parents don't, in fact, right now, our kids have disposable diapers for nighttime and wear cloth during the day. I'm not saying you're a bad parent if you and your kids watch TV, we do that too. I'm saying there are ongoing challenges in parenting where work is required, and that cloth diapering seems like an oddly appropriate metaphor. 

Can you think of other connections between cloth diapering and being a parent in general? :)