Work lives at the Intersection of Purpose and Passion

Some people claim to work for money, either out of necessity or desire for abundance. While I share and understand those reasons, they are insufficient. If you're like me, it's not enough to do work that happens to pay the bills, the work has to mean something. Work isn't just something you clock in and out of, it is an extension of your life, your craft, and your service to the world. 

For me, real work lives at the intersection of purpose and passion

My work is an extension of me living my purpose. My work is in service of something greater than myself, not only to meet the needs of me and my family but to serve my community and even the world. My craft is part of me, it's my intentional gift to the world. 

My work is also an outlet for my passion. Work is not something I dread, but something that enlivens me and others. I show up as my best self in the work I do, I am inspired and so am I able to be an inspiration. 

We can do better than work for "a living," we can live abundantly. We can have work that lives at the intersection of our purpose and passion.