who to be like, who to be unlike

In my life, I have had profound examples of inspiration; people who I want to be like. I have also had people who exhibit behaviors I can see in myself or make choices that are very different from mine and I can see where I do not want to be like them. BOTH are helpful. 

For those who inspire us, we can glean wisdom from studying them. What do I see in them that I value? How is that already within me? How can I cultivate it? 

For those whose choices or behaviors gives us pause to reflect and choose otherwise, they too are a gift. The offer us a fork in the road, a chance to look back at ourselves and take the metaphorical two-by-four out of our own faces. We can gain empathy for how and why other people make choices different from ours and recommit to our dream, our vision, our goals. 

We all have people we wish to emulate and people we do not wish to emulate. Both are helpful. Be guided accordingly. 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment