Note to Self: My MOCHA is an act of Self-Love

I'm not necessarily a proponent of "work/life balance," at least in the traditional sense. Partly because I believe it's so important to do what you love, and partly because I think balance comes more from authenticity and less from "time management." That said, I have recently observed a crucial collapse in my work/life distinction between paper and plastic. I have been skipping my journal and going straight to my laptop in the morning (until I caught this behavior and changed it). 

My laptop is a lovely tool. It's simple, yet SO helpful. I, however, had been missing my set intention of writing with paper first before plastic. For me, journaling in the morning is a chance to get out various thoughts. Some of these become blog posts. Some portions go almost directly towards my book. Sometimes it's just me writing what I think and feel and that serves only me. What I was neglecting was the process of loving myself, and I was skipping straight to creating content. No wonder I was starting to feel burned out on the writing! It also helped me step back and assess how my whole morning rituals are going.

When my "MOCHA" is only a list of boxes to check, I'm not inspired, even if I'm physically and mentally better off than I would have been. Sometimes I think going through the motions isn't bad, but it isn't sustainable. When I keep in mind how I am loving myself with these rituals, I better sustain me and my sense of purpose and show up ready to serve others. Note to self, my MOCHA is an act of self-love.

Thanks, me, I needed that reminder.