a taste of my own medicine

I love asking questions. I enjoy serving others, learning who they are and who they desire to become. I get teased, though, for asking questions that give people pause. I ask them because I'm thinking them, yet I realized this weekend how I don't always get a taste of my own medicine. 

Have I stopped to consider the weight of my own questions? Am I alive to my own purpose and passions or have I settled into scripts? 

Having an outward mindset is not something we do in spite of ourselves, it requires the best of ourselves. We must be fully alive, fully present, full of intention. Sometimes this means slowing down to be affected by our own work, to sit with the depths of our own questions. To make friends with ambiguity, uncertainty, even fear. 

The work we do matters. Remember to sip, savor and enjoy. 

Today, get a taste of your own medicine.