Cultivating and Letting Go

In Brene' Brown's 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living, each guidepost contains two parts: What is being cultivated, and what is being let go. I find this duality to be true and oddly fitting for the Barefoot metaphor. 

In cultivating an authentic and courageous (barefoot) way of being, I let go of my shoes and I practice being barefoot. 

I remove the practices that hinder connection, that limit movement, that keep me numb. I cultivate sensitivity, honesty, integrity... and dirty feet. 

It seems that in the choosing there is always an element of letting go. 

Initially, my focus was on leaving behind shoes, and that focus has shifted to being barefoot. Both are necessary. This applies not only to our physical feet, but to our spirits, to our souls, to the daily choices in our lives. 

We cultivate as we let go.