The Absurdity of Shoes, the Audacity of Feet

We have amazing minds, yet sometimes they work against us. We can launch men and women and robots into space to look for life on new worlds, yet we can't figure out our "food shortage" (distribution) issues, figure out how to live peacefully together and make peace with the earth. A great metaphor and microcosm would be the (absurdity of) shoes. We focus on our comfort over experiencing the world as it is. We prioritize profit over people We use our cunning, scientific thinking to treat problems from the outside-in rather than working at the level of SOURCE. We think ourselves clever, so long as we conform. We see the barefoot among us as the anomaly, the intuitive person as strange. We live from our heads instead of our hearts AND our heads. We focus our attention on fixing what's broken instead of growing what works. 

I hear it all the time, 'Oh, I would give up wearing shoes if I could, but I can't because..." Limiting beliefs and reasons based on unsupported "science" that keeps people chained in fear, living short of who they could be, our shoes are absurd. Our bare feet are audacious in the face of them. We can trust our innate capacity to grow, thrive and go rather than thinking we know everything and live within our tiny boxes. We can graciously step out of the system, not out of spite, but out of the pursuit of the good . We can be courageous, powerful, unchained... authentically human.  

Our busied, frantic minds can get the best of us. It's time to step out of our shod thinking and embrace a barefoot way of being. Shoes are absurd. Feet can be audacious.