Curiosity: Seeking to Understand

We all have our own places of judgment. We all have our own opinions. It is easier than ever to react rather than to respond to challenges within us or outside us, but what helps me stay grounded is curiosity, seeking to understand. To maintain personal resilience and goodwill to others, seek to understand.

Curiosity keeps me open to others. When I am curious, I listen. When curious, I ask questions. When I come from a place of curiosity, I am able to see, hear and respond. Beauty is visible, people are dignified, new connections are made.

When I am in judgment, I see the world in black and white. I draw lines in the sand. There is no room for "other," because I have prioritized my own self-righteousness to discovering truth. 

Fuel connection and breakthrough with curiosity. Seek to understand.

Barefoot Ben FaderComment