Break Your Own [G-d]Boxes

We all have constructs that we accept and create. These constructs, be they physical or mental, shape our perception and experience. What can be helpful at one time begins to become the confines of your reality. Nowhere has this been truer for me than my "G-d-boxes."

At best, our images of G-d lead us into greater love and service of others, inspiring altruism and perspective. At worst, they cement dividing lines, fuel rage, and indoctrinate dehumanization. We live our lives in the images and stories we tell, theology (or a-theology) just happens to be a meta-story we live into. Thus these stories are potentially powerful and potentially terrifying. 

Tipping sacred cows is never easy, especially when they are your own sacred cows. Yet, having gone through my own deconstruction and reintegration of belief, I am so thankful for the space I cleared in breaking those boxes. Here are some of the boxes I have had to break:

  • The Bible (or any sacred text) as the infallible word of G-d.
  • My religion is right, and you're doomed (unless you join our party). 
  • It's part of our job (to work with G-d) to save people.
  • Heaven and hell occur after death.
  • G-d is both wrath and love.
  • G-d is more present to some of us than to others.
  • G-d is a He.

... and there are plenty more where that came from. 

No one can break these boxes for you, no one can tip your sacred cows but you. Others can, at best, provide new insight and inspiration that incite curiosity and possibility. I'm thankful to the many such voices in my life, and thankful to be a voice for others. 

Like snakes shedding their skin, there comes a time where old ways of thinking must be shed to make room for the new and becoming you. So take inventory of your G-d/not-G-d boxes, see what sacred cows are there. Maybe it's time to break some boxes and tip some cows...

To space for new life and growth...





Barefoot Ben FaderComment