Habits Create Lift

One of my favorite aspects of habits is the lift they create. 

When something becomes a habit, you no longer have to think about it, it just is. All the work that was done to create the habit now can be applied to developing the work or effort to the next level; like you're standing one floor above where you were before. 

If the life that matters to you is a skyscraper (not saying it should be), then your clear vision and steadfast work is upward motion, habits are the elevator. 

Waking up at four was at one time a daunting proposition, now I wake up at 3:58 before an alarm. There was a time when emailing 2x a month seemed like more than I could keep up on, now blogging three times a week is an enjoyable treat. When I first put my marathon and trail relay on the calendar, I was nervous, now after those milestones have been passed, I'm excited about the next level up of my running habit. Same goes for journaling, affirmations, and meditation. These different habits have been slowly built to the point where I don't have to sit and think about what I could or should do when I wake up, I just move to the next habit. 

This is how your mornings become powerful, and how you grow in your personal power.