Who are you, really?

Today, I want to ask you two questions. 

Who are you? How do you know?

Think about it for a moment. 


Now before you answer, a few more questions to clarify. 

Are you your opinions? Are you your pain? Are you your experiences? Are you your belongings? Are you your body? Are you your memories? Are you your beliefs? Are you your relationships?

If I look honestly, the answer to these above questions is... No. 

Well, then.. who am I? Who are YOU? How do you know?


I'd like you to consider something I am learning: You are a CONSCIOUSNESS. 

You are the conscious observer of all the aforementioned aspects of your life. You are the awareness that processes that information and decides what to do with it. You are the being that takes the energy within your being and diverts and directs it, chooses and responds to your surroundings. 

Maybe this sounds like a diminished version of what you thought your Self was. I find it to be freeing. 

If I'm not the sum total of my experiences, I can start over in a moment if I need to, return to my center. If I'm not my opinions or my beliefs, I can remain open to others and connected to love as I look honestly at my thinking and the thinking of others. I can be present to the full spectrum of human emotion without being totally submerged. Instead of living out of my past traumas and projecting my hurts onto others, I can acknowledge the hurt, listen to the different aspects of me that feel needy and wounded and choose how I'm going to be. 

Humans are a unique blend of essence and choice, two sides of one awareness called Consciousness. 

Maybe you've been boxing yourself into some part of HOW you are and calling that WHO you are. If so, here's your invitation to consider that you might be less, and more, than you ever imagined. 

To expanding our awareness and aliveness,