Relentless Forward Progress

Relentless Forward Progress
Let's choose to authentically MOVE FORWARD with our lives!

Hello, Friend! Happy Tribe Tuesday!

As I've mentioned before, we humans are an unresolved paradox of ESSENCE and CHOICE. Instead of living this paradox, we often make a decision to DENY ourselves choice or to violate our own essence and beliefs. In this conversation called "New Year's Resolutions," many people are looking at what is WRONG that they want to FIX or CHANGE, instead of looking at what ways of being they want to KEEP, CULTIVATE or LET GO. Instead of being a New Year to be the Authentic You, we make it about being a "New Me" or the "Same Me." Taking our commitment to making only AUTHENTIC goals forward, how do we take these intentions and MOVE FORWARD?

Get ready to give yourself a big hug, because the word of today is... EMBRACE!

Embrace the butterflies. 
Embrace the chaos.
Embrace the process. 


Embracing the butterflies means choosing something that FEELS scary brings up fear. If your BIG GOAL doesn't bring up BIG butterflies, is it really a goal worth pursuing? Find something that ignites and inspires you, and let that mess with you as you move forward.

Embrace the chaos. We (I) often like to have things tied neatly with bows and boxed. From our schedules to our physical spaces to our minds, taking on a big goal will create space for DISRUPTION and CHAOS. I might have to juggle my priorities. I WILL have to get clear on the fact that my physical brain is not a machine that quietly hums along, but a relentless torrent of energy that is NOT ME, but is my roommate in this conscious experience. Learning that the voices in my head ARE NOT ME but are WITH ME helped me to see that the chaos I thought I was supposed to manage is instead chaos I get to BE WITH and TRAIN MYSELF with. Consider that chaos is not your enemy!

Embrace the Process-Oriented Mindset. When I ran my first marathon, I spent WAY more time than I would like to admit thinking about how far I had come and how far I still had to go. Depending on how you take that information, it can be empowering or discouraging, for me it was often the latter. I got in my head about how far away from my DESTINATION I was instead of enjoying the PROCESS of running, moving, being in nature, breathing, singing, and more. When you see that life is a process, it gives permission to be IN it (present) instead of wishing you were somewhere else. 

There's so much more to cover, but I hope this teaser at least whets your appetite for more. After all, Relentless Forward Progress is the title of my NEW workshop... January 26th @ 630pm (more info available on the video below). 

Where Powerful Morning, Powerful You (next iteration is January 14th @10am!) left off, we'll pick up with this workshop to tackle the BIG goals and dreams, fear, focus, energy management and MORE. Space is limited, so I encourage you to claim your spot. 

Check out the video below and let me know what inspires you.

Remember, EMBRACE the authentic you and step FORWARD in your story and journey. 
With a joyful commitment to OUR relentless forward progress, 


Introduction for the content and dates of my January Workshops Powerful Morning, Powerful You: January 14th @10am and Relentless Forward Progress: January 26th @ 630pm. Both at Home Task in Burien (611 SW 152nd St, Burien, WA 98166) Tickets for both workshops are $20 and can be found HERE: Become a patron!