Interruption and Availability

We need to be interruptable.

Or maybe just available. 

As creatures capable of habit, we can get so ingrained and engrossed in our routines that we miss the magic of the moment and tune out our "in-tune-ition." 

I have kids, so I know what I'm talking about!

When I'm making dinner and every two minutes Selah walks over and yells, "DADDYYYYYYY!!!" and waves her arms so that I pick her up. When the cat starts howling as soon as I sit down to write. When Theo and Hosanna are up making strange sounds that are coming from the bathroom as I am writing this. I know there are many times where I have reacted in frustration instead of responding in love. It's like I subconsciously think that my own kids are the problem right now instead of seeing how everything belongs with what is happening. Am I more interested in my plan going according to plan than I am in my kids being nurtured, whole, happy persons? Where's the space for THAT in my plan? 

Being available means holding space for being interrupted. 

In the midst of doing my craft, I will constantly be subject to interruption. I can be frustrated, like Patricia Eden's character in You've Got Mail , or I can take the interruption as a learning moment and opportunity to be present. The choice is really mine. 

When I'm available, truly present, power goes out from me all the time, like the woman who laid hold of Jesus's cloak, others are able to draw on us (without draining us) simply by our presence. When I'm available, I can handle interruptions of children, friends, family, co-workers, and others and uniquely contribute to them in the moment. When I'm available, the interruptions of stuck elevators, grumpy children, or even major dis-ruptions can be seen objectively and navigated consciously. If I'm available. 

Availability is a conscious choice and has nothing to do with resignation. 

There are moments and days when I have been resigned about "the way things are" and complain in my head while doing the bare minimum of what is perceived to be necessary.  This is not availability or true presence. Availability comes when I can lovingly welcome the unexpected guest while still authentically communicating and being in touch with my own feelings. I have seen where many become resigned and forfeit their personal power because they give up what they want in a moment. I can tell my kids that I will read them a story after I finish writing if that is what I really want. If someone makes a request that I am uncomfortable with, I can honor that and communicate accordingly. Being available doesn't mean being a slave. We are only available to others as we are available to ourselves. Available to your intuition, present to the moment, open to the interruption in the midst of your conscious intentions that you continue to move forward. 

Open, available, interruptable, powerful. 

Interruptions afford opportunities for growth and change. These moments are filled with some of the richest goodness in my life, if I am present for them. 

If you and I be anything, let's be available today.