Sing Your Own Song

Make your own kind of music,
Sing your own special song,
Make your own kind of music,
Even if nobody else sings along.
— Mama Cass Elliot

Each of us is weird, special, unique, and glorious in our own way. 

The first key piece of my message and mission is to unearth and unleash the special "song" each person I meet has. 

We've all been told, in one way or another, to stop singing, to sing quietly, that our song doesn't matter, or that there is one and only one song we're supposed to sing (and it looks just like everybody else's in our immediate context). I'm a fan of a different narrative, a different soundtrack. 

If this week has been a week of pressure (both outside and from within) of trying to control that song from your heart, then let this be an encouragement to you.

If your ties to organizations or occupations make you feel like you stand out like a sore thumb, embrace it. 

Maybe you're the heretic, and maybe heretic is just a polemic word for prophet. Maybe you're a Stargirl, and everyone else just doesn't know what to do with you. Let them marvel and wonder, sing anyway. 

Maybe your song is a quieter song than people like me and you don't feel the need to belt it from the rooftops. What would it be for you to sing your own special song? 

Or maybe you're on the fence, at the fork in the road right now about whether or not you take a path of conformity or a path of authenticity. "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost.

If you just wait for someone else to give you your turn to sing, it may never come. If you are hiding your song because of what others will say... I understand, and want you to know that it is still you who is choosing to hide. Sometimes the risk of us being authentic seems to outweigh the benefit in our minds, but I still haven't found that to be true in the great scope of things. 

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to sing your own song with confidence today. How are you going to "sing?" Today? Let me know in a comment or email. :)

To the cacophony of authenticity,

Barefoot Ben

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