If you can't, it's because you say so.

We all have a subconscious. We all program it and are programmed from a young age. The behind-the-scenes director of your life is your subconscious. What do you really believe? Again, I’m not even talking about Theology or Metaphysics here. What are the thoughts, ideas, the stories that are driving you? Our self-perception, our self-deception, our self-limiting beliefs, all those live here.

On my run yesterday, I was mentally mapping out some of my goals. Well, mapping out is really not accurate at all. You see, I was mentally excusing myself out of my goals. I didn’t see it at first, but in being with this pattern and inquiring into what was happening internally, I saw myself listing out the reasons I couldn’t do some of the tasks I have taken on to achieve. Running in Mexico? I can’t, because of money. It wasn’t just money. I used all the excuses: Time, energy, money… Not enough! I was tuned-into, under the influence of my self-programmed subconscious saboteur. Being able to see it is the helpful first step in writing a new story.

In the past, some of my self-limiting beliefs have been about my worth, feeling inadequate and not enough. It looks like I have yet to fully root out the weeds of this programming and plant new seeds to take over. You see, the subconscious brain is going to run based on the programming it’s been given. I may not like the stories or how they are showing up in my life, but if I still believe them not to question those stories or examine that programming, it’s still going to run the show.

So I was in the “I can’t” phase. The first flip I made yesterday was the difference between a barrier and a hurdle.

When running hurdles, there is strategy and technique involved. You reverse-engineer your run down to the number of steps it takes you to run with maximum efficiency. Barriers can seem impenetrable (they’re not), hurdles just take practice. Or if you like cars, think of it as the difference between a wall and a speed bump. Maybe you have to mount the curb of your life to accomplish some of your goals. If you have a lowrider, you will have to mind your approach and be strategic. Same with our goals.

I get that “goals” and “dreams” are played out words. I still use them. Frankly, I’m less interested in “achievement” for the sake of achievement and am far more inspired by aliveness for its own sake. I want to LIVE and MOVE and HAVE MY BEING with FULLNESS. I want to EXPRESS and CREATE and FEEL and DISCOVER with every fiber of who and what I am. My goals all connect to a desire and recognition of ALIVENESS, of MEANING, of IMPACT, of GROWTH. Things like money are conduits, systemic tools of opportunity. Our ability to make a spiritual/subconscious change to ourselves alters our interaction with these tools. We make manifest as we believe.

Back to my goals: The first FLIP I made yesterday that got me out of imagined paralysis into action was to bring all my “excuses” to the table but transformed as invitations. In order to run in Mexico this coming year, there are metrics that need to be hit. Running. Strength training. Heat and elevation training. Finance. Logistics. In all of these, the pieces can be broken down into actionable steps. For so many of them, where I don’t have clarity or even where I do, there is an “ASK” involved. Childcare, travel routes, plane tickets, connecting with clients, coaching… Very different “categories” of my life that all intersect and work together with actions to be taken and conversations to be had.

Truly, while we’re imagining ourselves drowning in a sea of impossibilities, we are powerless. To reactivate the power and perspective that is already within, sometimes it just takes that little… flip.

I believe you and I are worthy of our own brilliance. We are capable of fully expressing the beauty and creativity that is within us. We are able to give and receive above what is reasonable and without ultimate limit. Take those barriers and see them as hurdles. Take that uncharted territory of mind and map it. Take those goals, those dreams that inspire and excite you, and get after them. After the flip, maybe the first thing you need to do is ask. That’s an easy place to start.

Ultimately, our PROGRAMMING is what drives us. We must face our resistance, give it a big ol’ hug, then RUN forward as we intentionally rewire our brains. This can be done, and we’ll talk more about this in upcoming posts in weeks to come. Relentless Forward Progress is possible, and it starts with your mindset. In closing for today, some questions for you to run with:


What is an unrealized goal (/desire) you have?

What are the “reasons” that you have turned into excuses?

Turn each of those “I can’t” statements into an “I CAN.”

What’s your next step?



Remember, courage is not the absence of fear or resistance, it is our conscious facing of it and rewiring of ourselves in pursuit of what matters. If you can't, it's because you say so.

My mind-mapping after my run yesterday. 

My mind-mapping after my run yesterday.