Catch 22


Photo by André Branco on Unsplash

There is an apparent catch-22 in personal growth, and the only way to resolve it is a choice. 

When we are in survival mode, when we are in fight/flight, when we remain in a sympathetic dominant state, we do not remain open to learn and grow. In the midst of poverty, lack of resources or even needs, it is easy (and understandable) to be and to feel a victim. Many of us, thankfully, don't know what it is to truly be in desperate need, but some of us do. When we do not have connections, resources, opportunity, how do we stay open, stay grateful, stay positive, stay focused? We choose. 

I choose to be grateful for where I am and what I have. When I encounter systemic barriers holding some people down and predisposing others to abundance, I do not celebrate these systems. I acknowledge my needs and am empathetic to the needs of others. In all this, I choose. It doesn't change the fact that we need connection and support to thrive. It doesn't change the invitation to meet circumstantial and real human NEEDS in the world around us. In the midst of whatever challenges you face, the only way to resolve the paradox is to choose. 

Choose well today!