Mindfulness is... Being Here

Photo by  John Baker  on  Unsplash

Photo by John Baker on Unsplash

Mindfulness is simple, it is being here. 

When my mind is with my body, with my gaze, with my actions, I am being mindful. 

Often we digress into mind-fullness, with our spinning, whirring, active brains directing our attention to anywhere but here. 

Prone to wander, lordy I feel it, prone to leave this now I love... 

I return with my breath. I return with my mantra. I return with my gaze (or with the intentional choice to CLOSE my eyes). 

Breathe in. "Be now." Breathe out. 

Breathe in. "Live here." Breathe out. 

Breathe in. "Love this." Breathe out. 

Sometimes I'll even tell myself, "Welcome back!" 

When I want to think about my plans for the week and my random commitments and ideas, I do so. This is why I love journaling and time-blocking and passion-planning and brain-dumping. But instead of doing that while making sandwiches or changing diapers or driving the car or running, I am working to enjoy what I'm doing as I'm doing it. Be now. Live here. Love this. 

There are certainly deeper depths to explore in the cultivation of being fully conscious, but the beginning of mindfulness is simply being here. 

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