Instead of Avoiding, ADDRESS!

I've been having the lesson drilled into me over and over and over and over and over...

Avoidance creates unintended conflict and fallout. Proactive communication can generate solutions and steps forward.

When I avoid conflict to "keep the peace," it rarely works. 

Other people get the wrong idea and start making assumptions of their own. I miss out on actions and opportunities that could move the conversation forward. 

When I avoid conflict because I worry about saying the wrong thing, my muddled energy communicates for me everything that words would otherwise say. I internalize the conflict and perpetuate the conflict rather than actively working to create a [re]solution. 

Is it hard to talk to someone in your family? Then they are probably the person you need to talk to. 

Is there a consistent, nagging, situation you find yourself feeling frustrated by? It is probably time to address it head-on. 

Is there a question or a change you have been avoiding because it seems like the cost is too high or it makes you uncomfortable? Probably time to be with that question, you may just find a new working answer. 


There are always going to be moments of discomfort. Rather than attempting to avoid these situations, we can view them as an opportunity to grow, learn, and effectively communicate with others. 

Instead of avoiding, ADDRESS!


What will you lean into and take on?