Service with a Smile

As of this week, my family and my work team are undergoing a significant transition. While I'm still employed by Collins Chiropractic, my wife, Courtney, will be transitioning into the full-time work role. This pivot is significant to me and to our family. We're both excited, yet we both are present to ambivalence as well. I'm excited to serve our kids with a smile, yet sad to not see my team as much. For Courtney the reverse is true. We're both expanding our capacity, honing our contribution to our family, team, and community, and nurturing our gifts through service. 

I remember a time when I worked at a job that I tried to do as little as possible before going home as early as possible. Those days seem so long ago, and I'm so happy to have them behind me. For almost three years, I have been working as a Chiropractic Assistant at Collins Chiropractic, and I have learned what it is to give a shit, work hard yet with a sense of play, and truly put the needs of others first, be they, teammates or patients. I knew it some before, but I've found all the more how much I love serving with a smile. Letting my joy fuel my work, and allowing the connections I make with so many amazing people keep me and our team going to see Burien become the healthiest community on the planet. I've learned that far more important than what you do (though the what still matters) is why you do it. I've learned so much more than I can write here in this moment, but suffice it to say... 

Igniting your purpose and passion and putting it in the service of others is rewarding, inspiring, and a whole lot of fun. 

The great thing about having this is it will find use in whatever way we apply it. 

Whether I'm setting someone up in traction, making breakfast for my kids, leading a workshop or smiling on my run around town, these are all sacred opportunities to give and to serve with joy. 

Where and how do you love serving with a smile?