It isn't your circumstances...

It isn't your circumstances, it isn't what you're given

It's in your perspective, just how you live in-

To the world around you

Do you stop and enjoy the view

Or do you...

Succumb to a trapped state of numb?

Do as suggest and remain distressed?

Become resigned, as many are inclined?

Sit and complain, repeat the same refrain?

All of these? Tragedies. 

Signs of victim-mentalities, fragmented modalities. 

Unawareness shown and sewn in these causalities. 

Let's cut these cords and make new normalities. 

It starts here, with the words "I AM."

I am enough, I am that I am,

I am and I can be and I will what I can.

Whatever the "it" is, I can do it,

Taken down in chunks, bit by new bit.

Circumstances show me, but they don't own me.

Lessons to learn but no worry to burn

Right now it's my turn, 

Only in gratitude do I yearn.

I may be broke, but I'm not broken. 

I'm opened up to love, I'm woke an'

I'm interested in wisdom spoken

In silence heard beyond the jokin'. 

I take off my glasses, glad I saw 'em

Take off my shoes too, better feet made raw, some-

Day I'll show, I'm in the know

By rolling with the punches, blow-by-blow,

But they're only punches if I say so

I think of them instead as opportunities to grow.

The experiences I've had

Have made me glad

From being broke at my parent's house to being a dad

These all foster resilience, both feeling happy and sad

Both being my inner child and a twenty-something lad.

If there's a circumstantial or material need, 

I'm not afraid to ask or to occasionally plead

Yet most of my anxiety would greatly exceed

What's needed for my harvest where I'm not reaping seeds.

My mindset is key

My stories shape me

This is why it matters to think authorially 

Redefine my circumstances, don't let them define me

Reconnect, recommit and set a new trajectory. 

We've all had our challenges

Chances are we'll have more

So take these loaves and fishes and feed 250 score

Your life is simply waiting here for you to adore

What is, and give it the "what for!"

Friends, don't be merely defined by the "reality" of your circumstances. The money in the bank, or lack thereof. As someone who has undergone (and is undergoing) significant transition and circumstantial challenges, I get it. Worry is right there, waiting at my door. Anxiety could loom, if we let it. How we see the world we inhabit greatly changes how we inhabit the world. 

Amidst whatever challenges and obstacles are in your path today and imminently, I wish you the quiet strength of heart to choose joy anyway. Look at all the facts and laugh. Play and enjoy the moment of life before you while the constructs of our lives remain in whatever state they're in. Reset. Change your state. Then show up in your life. Happen to it with happiness. 

I'm happy to have you!