It's not for everyone

Photo by  Nicholas Green  on  Unsplash

Your work, your creativity, your art... It's not for everyone. Neither is mine. 

While I think anyone could benefit from something I've said or done, the fact is that not everyone will resonate with my message or with my art. It's not for everyone.  Out of the many connections you have, maybe only a fraction (maybe 20% or less!) will resonate with what you're saying and doing. And only a fraction of that group will be deeply engaged and committed to what you're doing, active members of your inner circle. So instead of being preoccupied with explaining your work to those who don't get it, just make what you make and engage the people that are drawn to you. There will be "converts." There will be people that take have a new discovery or a paradigm shift, celebrate these and enjoy them! Then return to your studies, your creation, your service of the people who are in your tribe, even if your tribe is a tribe of allies or bridge-builders or peacemakers. Your work may be for the good of everyone, and if so, that's incredible! Not everyone is going to get it and connect with you, so you can let go of that pressure and get back to the work that matters to you. 

Your work, your creativity, your art... It's not for everyone. Isn't that great?