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A Barefoot Way of Being is not just being different, but being Authentic. 

As much fun as I have being different, being someone who turns heads and changes up an atmosphere, this is not because my singular joy lies in being different... I'm just being me. 

There are times where I can do something to be different, just to change things up. This is not the greater purpose (WHY) in my life or in my work. Authenticity is not about being different, but BEING YOU!

My journey into barefoot running, my theological journey, my unique personal journey that includes becoming a stay-at-home-dad... Where I have made these choices or where I take time to articulate these elements of my life, it is not about merely avoiding what is commonplace. I know what it is to be stressed out because it feels like my life is too "normal,"  and I am thankful to spend far less time looking to be unconventional and more and more time invested in being real

Authenticity involves uniqueness, however, it involves the unlocking and unleashing of who you are, differences included. Authenticity includes nonconformity. To be you, to know thyself, you may have to break away from tradition and carve out a space that is not filled by obligation or "should." I was not fully expressed in who I was while a Youth Pastor because I was constantly on the tightrope of what I should/shouldn't say, balancing the pressures of leadership above me with the seen needs of the teens in front of me and the convictions within me. While we are hiding in sameness, we will not be all of who we are. 

Some people will think you are trying to be "popular" by being you. They may just be sad that you don't fit into their tribe and that there is a growing group of people that aren't content to hide out in boxes anymore. They may accuse you of saying "whatever itching ears want to hear," but when you stop coming from a place of fear, you find there are people hungry to be with people that are also transitioning out of that same way of being. Being different is fun, but it is no comparison with being you. After you settle from your authenticity explosion, the work of creating authentically will be before you. Here you are no longer competing or comparing but expressing. It is SO REWARDING. 

A Barefoot Way of Being is not just being different, but being Authentic. 

Be the weird, lovely, incredible YOU.

With love,


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