Awareness and Risk

Photo by  Jarin Bontrager  on  Unsplash

Sometimes we are inclined to think that it is our many feelings and our abilities of perception that keeps us stuck in the same situations. We can see things and feel things deeply, we know the rules and expectations, we know what should happen and how things are supposed to be, so we do them... Even as we violate our own longings and desires by means of suppression. I can relate to this feeling, and I can also tell you, numbing awareness isn't the answer. Your ability to see a room of people and be with all the feelings, rules, expectations, and energies is incredible. Your response to this stimuli (much like mine was for quite some time)... crippling. What is needed is not the loss of empathy or the lack of intuition, but the choice to assume risk. To know the rules and to break them for the sake of love and authenticity. To acknowledge your feelings. To let your light shine. Does playing it small help you or those you love? Does hiding in the role of the observer really serve you and the world, or is this just protecting you from imagined conflict? 

The barefoot way to be is the combination of awareness and risk. 

Take your empathic and intuitive gift, your gifts of both perception and observation, and put those powers not in service of anxiety, but in service of loving presence. 

When we live in an anxiety of what people think or what will happen if we show up authentically, we miss out on abundant opportunities to connect and transform, and others miss our light and love. 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment