Yes and No

"Simply let your yes be yes and your no be no." -Jesus

Photo by  Andy Tootell  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andy Tootell on Unsplash


I'm learning the magic of yes's and no's. 

It's taken me a long time, I suppose

to keep together the vision that knows

that while a full-bodied, "yes!" blossoms and grows

a series of half-hearted "yes's", a fragmented life expose.


Distraction, focus, integrity... All come back to yes and no.

My yes can create 

an infinite queue

a string of possibility

never actualized.

My no can create

an infinite wall

barriers and blinders

roadblocks and hurdles...


the freedom to clear the clutter, clear the queue.


To reclaim focus, to let go of distraction, to rebuild integrity

starting at ground zero, square one, 

with two yes in focus and a third eye to guide them

Forgiving myself and letting go, letting be, stopping to look and see.


Allow myself to let go, to say no

Not forever, but for now

To let go of what doesn't bring joy

What doesn't reflect my best yes

What doesn't resonate to the fullest frequency

and enjoy the ensuing quiet.


When I say, "Yes!"

I want to mean it.

Full-hearted, fully present.

In it and with it to win it before I begin it.

Freedom to flourish and to fail as I fall forward into embodied action.


When I say, "No."

I want to say it with conviction.

To give my best no. 


no explanation needed

no shame in my game

no need to hurry or worry

enjoy a no that isn't a wall but the flip side of a best yes.

I know when it's best for me to say know to what's best for me.

Some of my best YES moments are the people in my life, the people right in front of me. 

Some of my most important NO moments are avoiding the traps that get me out of sync and into trouble.


I'm (re)committing to let my yes be yes and my no be no.

Reminder: I'm currently on a sabbatical from social media. One of my "no's" is to the plastic that I have allowed to dominate subtle parts of my life and thinking. If you want to engage, please feel free to comment directly on the post or shoot me an email! 

Peace and love,


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