Withdrawal and Invitation, Fasting and Feasting

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Withdrawal and invitation. Feasting and fasting. Enjoying a sabbatical and creating space.

For me, this includes my relationship to social media.

So, this will be the last post of the year that is shared to social media. 

Six and a half years ago, I wrote and performed a spoken word piece called, "Plastic." Click the link to watch it! (The video link isn't a great video or my favorite version, but you'll get the gist!). While in the piece, I explore my relationship to social media and my cell phone as "plastic," I have not, in the last several years, fully explored the invitation I made to myself to "let go of this plastic," and I feel like I finally am now. In examining my addiction to distraction, my compulsion to check my phone, and compulsive "sharing," I have been able to question: "Who is this for?" While I still use a computer to write and to blog, and I'm still sharing via Patreon and email, I am going to be suspending the "push" to social media, and will only be using the mediums mentioned above. If you are not already subscribed to my email list, you can do so below. (Patrons and subscribers, you can obviously ignore that part. ;)

This form of "unplugging" is for the sake of connection. Connection to my heart, what truly inspires me. Connection to the tribe of people I want to serve. Connection to how I can help and contribute rather than merely doing what is popular or conventional at this moment in time.

Are you finding your creativity hindered in certain areas? Are you feeling stuck in artistic rut or driven to distraction? Maybe now is a good time for you to consider your own sabbatical, whatever that looks like. It's a fast, but it's also a feast. 

Letting go and giving up certain things invite you to intentionally fill (or enjoy!) the space that is left. The "fast" is not an act of deprivation, but of being discalced. Removing the shoes I have become accustomed to wearing, the ways of being I have trained myself in, and recovering my authentic voice and actions. The "feast" is on the present moment, on small acts and on work done in quiet and secret, a feast of "presence" in unplugging from what takes me elsewhere. Embracing the "YIN" and knowing that "YANG" will still be there. 

Holding space for yourself, your inner artist, it may seem like a withdrawal, but it is also an invitation. 

I invite you to "unplug" from one distraction this season. Maybe it's your phone, maybe it's social media, or maybe it's an ongoing commitment that you can let go to make space for something different. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unplug with me and enjoy a sabbatical to truly be present. If you're in, what are you withdrawing from (fasting) and what are you making space for (feasting)? Let me know in the form of a comment or email!

Thank you for indulging me, and thank you far more for the nourishment you give to your inner artist and to the craft you choose! Here's to you and I, enjoying the moment and creating with a full heart!

With loving rest and quiet creativity,


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Much love, 


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