I shall [not] want

I am guided, I am free to choose. I am present both to profound gratitude and deep desire.

I am invited into rest, trust, joy, and abundance. I am refreshed as I drink deeply of living water and run in the rain. Regenerated from within.

Even when fear is loud and there are reasons to lose hope, I won't let fear have the final say. We're all connected.

No rod or staff here, just the abiding sense of Presence and Inspiration. 

Even in mixed company, we gather around a table. I find myself seeing glimpses of one human family. My cup, your cup, our cups, they run over.

Peace, love, and joy are available and are my constant companions now and always.


The 23rd Psalm has been a favorite of mine for a long time. What resonated with you about this paraphrase? If you're familiar with the text, what changes did you notice? Did anything speak to you? I would love to hear. 

With love and joy,