I love high places. I love standing on top of a mountain and looking out to see the vast expanse. When you are only and always looking at an urgent or immediate something in front of you, it is hard to get perspective. We live much of our internal lives as if we were always driving.

We have our internal radio playing, scattered thoughts going every which way, traveling the same road and doing the same things and not being IN IT. Not knowing what matters or why. Not knowing where we are, where we’re going, or really thinking about where we’ve been.


In the middle of a workweek, I took a day to go hike and run Tiger mountain. Looking over the expanse of bigger-than-human nature helps me re-presence myself to the MADNESS of humanity, both personally and collectively.


We’re like drivers, getting upset about people cutting us off in traffic instead of seeing how much productivity is us driving around not really living, not making meaningful work or conversation.

To get perspective on who I am, I have to step back from my attachments.

I am not my…

Relationships...job...body...material goods...etc.

Yet I express myself in and through all these spaces and manifestations.


When I pattern-interrupt myself and see when I’m not nearly who I’ve chosen to be, I can reorient, and write a new story.

I see who I’m not, and more clearly who I am, and who I choose to be.


I defined myself based on my attachments for so long, rather than curating my energy and essence and investing myself 100% in where I was and in what I was doing.


To gain perspective, we must change our perspective.

To reorient, we disorient.

To find ourselves, we lose ourselves.

This is the way of the universe.

Being barefoot may just mean being willing to let go of the “security” that comes with an established or “solidified” perspective.

Barefoot Ben FaderComment