There is a sacred act combining holding, engaging, attending and remaining. 

This is the act of listening. 

Holding a warm, safe space for others to enter into.

Engaging with our gaze, our presence, seeking to understand.

Attending to the deeper needs and desires and truly seeing another. 

Remaining in the moment in the flow of the unfolding now. 


When we are able to truly H.E.A.R. someone, we are listening. 

This is an art and a practice. 


It's an art because we get to make space for beauty to flourish. The beauty of another soul express, the beauty of connection that can reshape something about each of us and all of us in the process. The beauty of divine self-disclosure known personally in this moment. 

It's a practice because we've never arrived. We are always growing and learning as we experience one person, then another, and as we increasingly learn to let our noisy brain wait on the sidelines while we engage. 


This takes work, and it's where the magic lives. 


Listen up. Listen in. 

I've found, for me, that when I am not able to hold a warm, listening space for me, I have a hard time doing so for others. I tend to escape into the bunny trails and away from what or who is in front of me when I feel unseen, unheard, unloved. When I live in that illusion, it gets reinforced. When I choose to live and to listen, I see how that HEARing is transformative to me and to others. To be space, I make space, then I share the space. 


May we have eyes to see and ears to H.E.A.R.