No Ceiling on Fun

I was pouring beer for an event this past weekend. I haven't tended bar for almost three years. It was a lot of fun! The band was playing fantastic music, so many amazing people were together in one building, the view of Puget Sound was breathtaking on a blustery day with choppy waves... So I was high on joy, rocking out and having a good time. Though a different context, a familiar comment came my way from a passerby, "You're having too much fun."I offered my commonplace retort, "There's no ceiling on fun!" and went back to having a great time.

For whatever reason, many people don't know what to do with those of us who are going to have a ridiculously great time. Perhaps it is the fact that we who are high on joy refuse to be subject to the common denominator of energy around us, and others haven't yet stepped out of the paralyzing fears of comparison and conformity to put this into practice. Maybe some of simply express joy quietly and don't feel the need to be the life of the party. I'm less worried about why others gawk and make silly comments, and I'm far more interested in having a great time ALL the time!

To cap off an already amazing afternoon, I jumped in Puget Sound. Why? Because...

Joy knows no bounds. There is no ceiling on fun!