Create Space

There are many things I’ve learned from my recent adventure, and one lesson of utmost importance is the need to create space.


When my appointment calendar is full to the brim

I’ve little time for spontaneity, chances are slim

No room in my head, thoughts are scattered within

Now is the time to make space.

My journey to Urique, Mexico was tightly bookended from the get-go. I did this deliberately, wanting to get back to my family and team at work, but I made the boundaries so tight, I needed to leave my race (the original point in going in the first place) just to make it back on time. Now, I have no regrets, but this is an important lesson: To make the most of any opportunity requires not only “doing it” but making space to enjoy and be in it.

This means stepping out of Kronos time (or allowing for more of it) and moving into Kairos time. Living in the unfolding now is supported and sustained by holding a trusting space. When I have no space in my head, I quickly dis-integrate into a work-work-work drone. Creativity becomes tedium. Inspiration devolves into obligation. Bracketed by the story that “I don’t have enough time and space,” thriving expression begins to dwindle.

For thriving connection and joyful creation, it is imperative that we create space.