Watchman, Speak. Watchman, Act.

Sometimes I get so scared of "slacktivism" that I avoid saying things so that I avoid the pain of being on the hook for things that feel scary. It's easy to talk a good talk, much more challenging to live it. This is a note to myself, a reminder to BE what I say, and to go and do likewise. Especially when the stakes feel high, especially when there's a reason to fear. Isn't this what courage is? Moving in the midst of fear? We all know this, yet most of us continue to speak loudly and be disembodied in doing so. May we unite "word and deed."

Where I have been hiding, I step into the light
To walk with courage by day or by night
Not anxious or afraid, trusting in who’s made
All things right
Living in the unfolding now
Knowing that some way, somehow
I am being fed and I am being led
Even at the expense of some sacred cow.
I get focused on changing my circumstances
Instead of worrying about daydreaming romances
I choose to invest in others
I believe we all need second chances
I get out of my head and into my life
Be there for my daughters, my son, my wife
Not to mention neighbors and community
Working for a world of thriving not strife.

Watchman, watch. Speak. Act.
Raise awareness, sound the alarm.
Don’t judge, yourself or others, get _____
Instead of harboring negative feelings, get into action and leave others reeling. 
Be light. Be love. Remove the ceiling. 
Tear down the walls, begin the peeling.
Our layers are worn, or skin is shed. 
Stay alert, sleepy head! Keep watch! Stay awake, not for yourself: For your beloved city, your kin, your neighbors. Please, put your pride on the shelf.
I am filled up to serve. Not out of compulsion, not here to observe, let’s raise the commotion, add heat to our locomotion. Let’s move. 
In a dizzying array of chatter, don’t forget-- MARGINALIZED LIVES MATTER. 
Unite, but not under a banner, hold hands with humans. Get off your police scanner. Our world may be crumbling… revolution’s afoot.