Everything is a Miracle

Everything’s magic.
— Angels & Airwaves
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.
— [mistakenly] attributed to Albert Einstein

There are days, even seasons when things are hard. When I become resentful and turn inward, I am immediately cut off from the beauty, joy, goodness and wonder available to me in all moments. 

From the view of an empire or a consumer culture, natural things are just that, things. A tree is just a tree. Things are merely what they "are." We're interested in having more and in making "natural" things useful things. We're interested in quantifying and sharing our experiences all the while being checked out of them. We complain about and share our lives as if nothing mattered and we have to talk about it. But there is an alternative...

Embrace everything as sacred, each moment a miracle. 

Fully immersed in the moment, childlike awe grips me. Curiosity and compassion move me. Emotions flow one to the next, and the energy to live and move and have my being with a sense of connectedness and individuality just is. Joy lives here. Love thrives here. Gratitude is just a way of being because everything is amazing. 

I'm not talking about overpriced coffee (although I do enjoy me some gourmet coffee) or the latest show on Netflix, I'm primarily talking about enjoying a life lived vibrantly. Open doors to the natural world. Open hearts to the people around. Open eyes to see, savor and appreciate what surrounds. 

Like this morning, when I walked into Hosanna's room before I left for work. She was laughing in her sleep. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Or my time alone this morning, where I was able to meditate, verbally process some of the Dalai Lama's words on compassion, and lay the beginning recordings down for my next podcast. Or my run to work, where movement and meditation meet in a sweet and sweaty synthesis. Or my work, enjoying my team, loving the people who come in, each of them with their own story and their own gift to give. Or our team brunch, or our dance party (yeah, we have dance parties at work...). I could go on. Yes, it was a magical day, but I think that has more to do with each day and each person around me being magical. Like I said, I can slip into being resentful and entitled and lose touch with this reality, but it doesn't stop it from being there. At the risk of overstating, I'll let the point stand...

Everything is a miracle.