What EGO looks like

  • "It's your fault. You're the problem." Victim, blame.
  • "This [noun] ain't big enough for the two of us." Zero-sum, win-lose, scarcity.
  • "I am, you're not OR you are and I'm not." Scarcity and competition.
  • Defensive, insecure, impatient.
  • "I can't." Disempowered.
  • "You can't." Attempts to control.
  • Judgment, not empathy.
  • "I'm THEM, I'm US, I'm THAT." Identification of self based upon group affiliations.
  • Desperate and co-dependent "self-love" that doubles into self-loathing.
  • A caricature of the worst of you that is both trying desperately to be seen and working constantly to be hidden. 
  • Distortion, coercion, malformation. 

This is an incomplete list, but a helpful reminder of what to look for when I start playing ego games