Sore Spots

We all have sore spots.


Places where previous hurts are remembered. Wounds that have pierced are soul and are lodged in our body. It is all too easy for these “thorns of the flesh” to keep us wincing, to have us keep our guard up, to keep us isolated and alone. These wounds each have their own story of how they were formed, as well as what they mean to us now. Often, all it takes is little triggers. We’ll be going along fine, and then, WHAM! We’re back in fight and flight, running from the pains of the past and avoiding potential pains of the future. Yet we can’t be authentic or compassionate when we are hiding in our hurts. There is a power in these wounds, however…

Experiencing pain can be a transformative tool. Pain can invite us into empathy and compassion. Where I know I have hurt, I can see those hurts as an opportunity to nourish others. My wounds can invite me to be a presence of love for others, and I can be the person I needed for my wounds. This doesn’t mean I do not have needs, it is simply paying those needs and desires forward into the lives of others. Pain can become a catalyst for a hardened heart or an anchor to cultivate tenderness. Pain is a teacher, our sore spot is a friend, if we can choose to be with it. Our sore spots do not need to be stared at, our wounds need not be licked constantly, but we can show our scars and tell our stories, living with compassion towards others.